Skyline Drive 2009, Revisited

In 2009, I drove Skyline Drive for the second time, in much better weather than I encountered during my first attempt. In my excitement, I captured more than 600 photos, and the ones below are some of my favorites from the excursion.

The complete collection is spread across several posts:

Overcast sunrise in Kauai

Automattic’s Theme Division begins a meetup today in Hawaii.

It’s a breezy and overcast morning here on Kauai, but when it’s also 80° F (~27° C), one makes due. 🙂

Flowers at Ventura Community Park

On the last day of my parents’ visit, we walked around a nearby park. The flowers had clearly benefitted from recent rains.

Dad’s First Visit: Griffith Observatory & Hollywood Sign

On the third day of my parents’ visit, we went to Griffith Observatory so my father could appreciate the view, a must for a first visit.