Mom’s First Visit: The PCH

I moved to California earlier this year, which gave my mother an excuse to visit. I’m finally getting around to posting photos from her trip, which I’ll tag “Mom’s First Visit.”

Driving the PCH, Leggett to San Francisco

On Saturday, Chris and I drove the northern portion of the PCH between Leggett and San Francisco. On our way there, we stopped at Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa and discovered an art-deco Barnes & Noble, and visited the Drive-Thru Tree Park.

Once we finally reached the coast, we were treated to views like these along the 400-mile journey:

Driving the PCH, Ventura to San Francisco

A week ago Sunday, I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway (CA 1, or the PCH) from Ventura to San Francisco. The views were absolutely breathtaking, and these are some of the best I could capture along the 440 mile journey.