Los Padres National Forest & Mt Pinos

In addition to the photos, I captured a short video of clouds blowing over the summit of Mt. Pinos. There was meaningful snow-cover along most of the summit ascent, and the air was above freezing, allowing the snow to melt and the released moisture to generate considerable cloud-cover.

Sunday drive, redux

In addition to the panorama I posted on Sunday, I took this photo from the same location. This looks north further into the Los Padres National Forest just after cresting Pine Mountain.

Though I didn’t stop for any more photos after this, my drive continued north on CA 33 (visible in both photos), then west on CA 166 to Tepusquet and Foxen Canyon Roads. I then followed the CA 154 to the 192 and on to the 150 before rejoining the CA 33 south on my return to Ventura. All in all, a nice way to spend a Sunday.