On occassion it rains on the Oxnard Plain

I live in Ventura, California, which lies on the Oxnard Plain. The area is known for its strawberry, citrus, and avocado crops, as well as its spectacular weather. The US government, and many private rankings, consider Ventura the best place to live in the contiguous states.

This weekend, we’re experiencing another unusual wet period, which is definitely welcome. Our reservoirs, and groundwater supplies, need the help.

For nostalgia’s sake, it doesn’t normally rain on the Oxanrd Plain, but instead in Spain.

Last glimpse of my 2007 VW Rabbit

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit with 128,962 miles

Just before the tow company took the car away for donation, I took this photo and noted the final mileage: 128,962 miles.