Google Contributor is awesome

Google Contributor through June 2

It’s a refreshing experience to browse the web without ads flashing and dancing for my attention, while also supporting the sites I visit. Yes, there are ad blockers, but those don’t really seem fair to content creators.

4 thoughts on “Google Contributor is awesome”

    1. Contributor lets you choose your payment amount, between $1 and $15 per month, which dictates the percentage of ads removed. When signing up, Google shows the percentages along with the price points, but that information doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere outside of the signup flow. As I recall, $15 will remove up to 50% of ads, $10 will remove up to 25%, and $5 will remove between 5% and 10%.

      I’m at the $15 per month level, and I’d easily say at least half of the ad-containing sites I visit display the “Thank you for being a Contributor” image instead of an ad. What’s interesting is that I can visit two articles on the same site and one will have ads, the other won’t.

      Participating sites aren’t limited to major publishers, either. I’ve certainly seen more ads removed on The Washington Post than anywhere else, but small, random sites that turn up in search results are also eligible. Google’s own properties, however, aren’t covered by Contributor.

      In addition to the “ads removed” graphic I show above, Contributor also lists the sites you’ve contributed to, and the amounts those sites received, so you can see exactly where your money is going.

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